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Nomination Award

For Academician’s

  • Award for Highest Spirit of Teachership
  • Award for Commendable Contribution to Society
  • Professors’ Award for Strengthening the Pursuit of Excellence
  • Researchers’ Award for Revolutionary Findings
  • Global Research Award
  • Most Crucial Research of Current Era Award
  • Teacher of Developing Era Award
  • Award of Invaluable Contribution To Serve Education
  • The Award for Teacher for Introducing  New Dimensions in Technical Fields.
  • Teacher of Huge Potential to Serve Mankind

For Science Students / Researcher’s

  • Superb Performance Award in Science Domain
  • Award for Pursuing Science in most Scientific Manner
  • Brightest Science Students Awards
  • Young Scientist Award
  • Scholar with Immense Zeal and Curiosity Award
  • Scholar with Austerity Award
  • Excellence with Intellect Scholar Award
  • Most Concrete Scholar Award.
  • Outstanding Researcher Award
  • Researcher with Most Feasible Concept Award
  • Young Conceiver of the Year Award
  • The Award of Excellence in PG/Pre & Post Doctorial Research

For Engineers:-

  • Uniqueness Award in New Dimensions of Engineering.
  • Award of Excellence in Engineering Domain
  • Award for Adding New Feather to Cap in Engineering field
  • Achievers’ Award for Engineers
  • Tremendous Performance in Engineers’ Arena Award
  • Award for New Heights as Engineers
  • The Engineers’ Award for Astonishing Procurements
  • Most Ambitious Engineer Award
  • Engineer with Special Dream Award

For Internship Industrilist:-

  • Industrialist of the Year Award
  • Industrialist with Innovative Vision Award
  • Best Paper Presentation Award
  • Most Inspirational Presentation Award